ben lent me his kindle & now i spend all my time downloading ebooks and feeling lush when it syncs & the new kindle books appear in the list it makes me so happy & i want to read all the books i downloaded instead of writing essays for school :/ also really want to go to amsterdam to see drake play in two weeks time but it is probably a bad idea but will i remember these final weeks slogging over my essays no not really will i remember seeing drake in amsterdam for eleven euros yes (will i regret not graduating bc i didn't finish my essays bc i went to a drake concert in amsterdam yes :( eve is like no don't go and i said why can't u .. enable me.. tell me it's a good idea........ evie........)
2nd march 2015 - note to self

nine weeks till essays are due on 27th april:
anth of china - 2,000 words
mandarin project essay - 1,500 words

dissertation - 10,000 words
berlin zoo essay - 4,000 words
global health justice - 3,500 words
international pol economy 1 - 2,000
international pol economy 2 - 2,000

total left: 21,500 ÷ (9x7) = 383 per day
words to write per week = 3000

stop thinking abt going to drake concert!!!
stuff that mom sent up to london in a giant bao bao


1) three boxes of pineapple tarts; two 'modern' (quote mom), the first from left 'traditionally-shaped' made by my aunt/mom's sister
2) 1kg of bakwa from lim chee guan for belated cny vibes
3) stacks of rice/green tea/ginseng korean face masks lol
4) kefentech heat plasters for my back pain
5) magiclean dry & wet wipes for the magiclean mop that previous tenant left behind, really love this mop it makes cleaning fun & convenient. didn't know i couldn't get these wipes in england until i ran out/tried to google sources
working list of things on the internet that i liked/found interesting/would recommend, for future reference, so i don't have to spend a long time looking for links, etc:


baby, wait a lifetime before you love someone by amy key

torch song by daphne gottlieb

science fiction by chris killen

survival poem 17 by marty mcconnell 


another life by paul lafarge 


marriage as an abduction by elif batuman

joan didion's minimal packing list

love in a cold climate by sadie stein 

the new universal by chris kraus

on deciding what counts by mallory ortberg

the hairpin's 'ask baba yaga' column


the murder that has obsessed italy