this is natalie's blog or whatever

some poems here

hello im doing texts posts on my tumblr as well right now i guess
so long text posts will be there from now on i guess blah blah
idk im going to sort this out once my internship is over
bye thanks for reading :)
i feel like mailing out things to strangers
seems like a sustainable form of interaction

if you're interested in receiving things
like mixtapes or poetry & a letter
and feel capable of responding in kind
with anything really

please email me at natalie@herbonestructure.com
with your name and address 
it doesn't matter where you are

(if you reading this and are my friend 
i am also interested in sending you things
but only if you will respond because
many don't 

(postcards are preferable
so i can pin it neatly to my wall
mixtapes are good because
i would like new music to run to)

thank you


brb with email replies
i will try to write to everyone
but i want to pour in tender
loving care and time into
each one so patience would
be nice thank you

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